Welcoming the Spring Equinox

The first day of spring is finally here! Here in Atlanta, our meteorological spring began back in February. I have had plants blooming in the garden since January; Prunus mumes, (flowering apricots) and Hamamelis (witch hazel) I always enjoy the unfolding progression of bloom in the Southeast. It’s a beautiful cool and sunny March day here. Hellebores are still in full swing and they are joined by spring bulbs of every sort. My ‘Yoshino” cherry is about to burst out fully and I am sweeping up the fallen petals of my saucer Magnolia. I’m grateful to have had a beautiful show from this tree this year. Many years we get a late hard freeze that kills the newly opening buds and turns them into brown mush. Not this year! To me, this is a tree worth growing even if it only reliably blooms for one week of every third year. When the Goldilocks conditions are right, it’s just spectacular.

I hope that wherever you may be gardening, you are feeling that sense of promise that spring delivers so well.

By jenniferpetritz

I am a passionate gardener and horticulturist living in Atlanta, GA. I specialize in small garden design, garden consulting, garden writing, and horticultural consulting for all forms of media.

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